About MSC

Meet Carol

Carol was born in Nicaragua, Central America. At the age of 17, she moved to the USA where she learned/pursued English as a second language, obtained her BA in Business, found an AMAZING family that loved her unconditionally, married her INCREDIBLE husband ~ Sebastien, adopted her two children (with paws), and developed her unquestionable Amor (love) for FASHION and TRAVELING.

My Smart Collection Blog

The meaning behind my blog/content is to be able to curate CREATIVE daily styles that can inspire and motivate my readers to explore new concepts or ways – whether adding new trendy pieces or combining old with new because not every closet is the same. Every piece on my daily style has been selected carefully to fit the feminine and stylish readers as well those with more simplistic fashion admiration.

“Not every closet is the same” but choosing key ~ smart {affordable} pieces is essential to every woman’s closet.” ~ MSC

Thank you for following along!